Started Our First Lithium Battery Pack Production Line 

Hydrocellfirst began manufacturing batteries for industrial use. Today, we have grown to become a  global lithium battery technology enterprise, delivering energy storage systems and solutions to customers across a wide range of industries and applications

Launched House Hold Power Storage System 

Hydrocell has launched its first Household Battery Energy Storage System Platform, which integrates Hydrocell asset monitoring, distributed energy resource management, supervisory control, and analytics functionality to enable organizations to forecast and optimize their overall energy use.

Released Latest Portable Power Station Products 

Hydrocell See a boom in portable power stations. We developed the best portable power stations make it simple and easy to manage mobile power supplies on the go and in the field. Even better, you can now avoid the fumes and noise of fuel-run generators and use powerful battery packs, some of which can be recharged with their own solar panels, to ensure a greener energy experience.

Launched Advanced /Intergrated Adaptive BMS System 

The Patented intergrated BMS system supervises batteries operating in a diversity of devices and applications. The design of sophisticated  BMS can be adaptive to  complexity of the solution it is used in. Thus, in addition to the minimum structure and functionality, the system can acquire extra elements, modules, and levels. Built in a solid BMS architecture ,the custom hardware design of a BMS intended for a stationary home energy storage solution.

Released Our Subversive Automotive Cranking Battery series 

Hydrocell Cranking (Starting) Lithium Battery series with increased peak amps for starting motors, electric start generators and other high-amp-draw devices, powering peripherals, accessories and more. Offering users more flexibility when connecting  battery for Starting Power .

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